About me...

I live on the beautiful Isle of Harris in the Western Isles, a group of islands just off of the west coast of Scotland.

I am married with 3 beautiful children, and 6 fabulous grandchildren. It is an outdoor life with horses, Highland cows, ducks and pigs. I have a poly tunnel for growing my own vegetables and a magnificent view of the sea. I have watched my children paddling in the water at the beach with a seal swimming around wanting to join in. I get to see magnificent stags and deer come down from the hills in the winter and each time I watch on with amazement and think how lucky I am to live here.


Each time i venture out on this Island, I notice something different - colours in the hills, in the sea, in the sand and many more beautiful sites. It is truly a magical place to live and raise a family.

How I started making soap...

I have always been creative, but my love of soap making started when myself and my grandson were looking for a new activity to do together. Just before Christmas 2016 I bought two soap making kits to try. The first one we tried was a melt and pour. We melted the soap base and added the fragrance, it was simple and was ready to use the next day. We then tried a lavender cold process, which involved putting all the ingredients together ourselves, but meant waiting 6 weeks before the soap could be used.

I enjoyed the process (especially having my Grandson help me!), but I wanted more control of the ingredients going into my soap. One of the main reasons for this was that I have Eczema, which means I am always looking for something that is gentle and doesn’t dry out my skin.

I then started reading anything I could get my hands on about natural and organic soap making. I found a great lady in America called 'The Nerdy Farm wife’, and I proceeded to read all of her books! With the information I gained from these, I started making my own soap with coconut butter, almond oil, vanilla essential oil and many other lovely ingredients.


When I tried this new soap, there was no going back for me; the lather was luxurious and left my skin feeling moisturized as well as really clean. After testing it out on others (my husband, children & of course a few non-related guniea pigs, just in case of bias!), who all loved it just as much as myself, it was clear that this soap could be a real success.....and so the Isle of Harris all natural soap company was born.

Each day I get up and can’t wait to get to work. Every batch is homemade and different, nothing is or ever will be mass produced. I want people to know that each bar has had time, thought and care put in to producing it. It’s so encouraging to hear from customers who have tried and love my soap. I am so appreciative of all of my family & customers continuing support – I am truly blessed.